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Stupid Criminal Tricks

Evidence that crooks are not necessarily getting smarter can be found at Owner: Man Tried to Hide Guitar in His Pants. Does he get any points for trying? Does it say anything about the state that this happened in Arkansas?

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Ben…Sometime in the Future

Want to see what Ben will be like in the future? Check it out!

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When Eric D. has a daughter

This is a GREAT commercial. I know this is what Eric will be like when he has his own daugher!

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Why Iraq is a Tar Baby (Continued)

Senator Chuck Hagel writes in the Sunday Washington Post that the U.S. needs to withdraw from Iraq. I respect Chuck Hagel because he served in Vietnam, which is more than can be said for most of those who got us … Continue reading

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More Logical Outworking of Atheism

I have always repudiated the old saw about how Christianity is responsible for so many deaths through history. It is sad to say that some perverted forms of Christianity have been responsible for some deaths through history. As Ravi Zacharias … Continue reading

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The Logical Path of Atheism

Richard Dawkins the famous atheist is at it again. Here is a report on a letter he wrote to a Scottish newspaper reflecting on eugenics and its utility. You may recall that eugenics was at the heart of the Nazi … Continue reading

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The University of Michigan vs. The People

Michigan passed a non-discrimination initiative in the latest election. As you can see from this piece, the president of the University of Michigan is doing her best to suppress it. There’s a fine example for U of M students, if … Continue reading

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A Prayer of Thanksgiving

This from David, read as part of Robert McCheyne’s Bible Reading plan on 21 November. Oh give thanks to the LORD; call upon his name; make known his deeds among the peoples! Sing to him; sing praises to him; tell … Continue reading

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Bart Campolo and God’s (Limited) Sovereignty

Bart Campolo is Tony Campolo’s son. He does a good job in The Limits of God’s Grace, remaking God into an image that is acceptable to him. He is quite honest in what he is doing and why. A God … Continue reading

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Al Mohler Weighs In

Al Mohler was one of the columnists asked to write a short essay on the topic, “If some religious people believe they have a monopoly on truth, then are conversation and common ground possible? If so, what would be the … Continue reading

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