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But…US home sales rise, defy forecasts

If the housing boom is going bust, how can sales rise? I’m glad you asked, young Skywalker. The reason that homes sales rose (month over month) is because builders are cutting prices in order to dump inventory. I read of … Continue reading

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Housing Boom Goes Bust…

This is a good article demonstrating what happens with too much speculation caused by Alan Greenspan allowing too easy credit. European participation is a sign of the top of a speculative mania, rather than evidence that Miami “is different.” Go … Continue reading

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For Unto You Is Born This Day!

I rarely get much time around Christmas to meditate on its meaning. I am usually working – as I am today, stuck in Lacrosse, WI on the dreariest day imaginable – and do not have much time to be still … Continue reading

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Escaped Minister Says He Fled Iraqi Jail ‘the Chicago Way’

This is one of the stranger stories to come out of Iraq. I read an article about this guy last week and he was languishing in prison. Next thing you know he is free. His comments are hilarious!

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Hands Off Hedge Funds

This is one of the more idiotic articles I have read all year. In 1998 one hedge fund (LTCM) which was allegedly “handling risk properly” almost brought down the entire financial system. You can read about it here. Without going … Continue reading

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Soldiers Forced to Share Kilts

Here is a real disaster. Scottish soldiers are having to share kilts. What is the world coming to?

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Those Darned Christians

Licia Corbella points out the inanity going on in Canada (not to mention the US) in her column about political correctness targeted specifically against Christians. Especially noteworthy is the fact that, when they had a religious service for those killed … Continue reading

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Galloping Down the Slippery Slope

In Ukraine it appears that they are now harvesting stem cells from not only aborted babies (they were already doing that) but live babies as well, i.e. killing them for their stem cells!

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Bush Has Created a Catastrophe

Ouch! A hard-hitting piece from Timothy Ash of the Guardian. It is difficult not to think that Mr. Ash is correct, at least from what we can see now. Can Bush salvage this mess?

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Interview with Wayne Grudem

You can read a long (six-part) interview with Wayne Grudem here. Some very interesting topics are covered, mainly whether or not “evangelical feminism” is a good thing. I like Wayne Grudem and his Systematic Theology is the best I’ve read … Continue reading

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