Preparing the Way for Tyranny

Yeah, I know, this is a strong post, but that, inevitably is where President Bush is leading us. The NYT details how he published an executive order attaching a political appointee to every federal agency. This appointee supervises the writing of rules and regulations for the agency. The direct purpose of this order was to make some agencies more closely “toe the line” in terms of President Bush’s priorities. Well and good., however, this process will be abused by future presidents, so that everything! becomes political. The appointees will act as the eyes and ears of the administration in every nook and cranny of the government, and, when necessary, they will usurp power to themselves. This reminds me of the old Soviet system where there was a political appointee in all facets of government.
In the future all federal agencies will be nothing more than another avenue for the President to control events politically, through these political appointees.

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