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US mortgage crisis goes into meltdown

Leave it to a Brit paper to lay out the difficulties in the sub-prime housing market. This is the section of the market that makes loans to “high risk” individuals. 22 sup-prime lenders have gone bankrupt in the last two … Continue reading

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New US covert operations helping Sunni Muslim radicals

This is a news report from Yahoo on an article by Sy Hersh in New Yorker magazine. We are apparently doing exactly what the article suggests (I read the New Yorker piece), which is funding certain elements of Sunni radicalism … Continue reading

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Inside the Navy’s Secret Brig

This news report details the Navy’s creating a brig in Charleston, S.C. to house American citizens captured in the terror war. What is especially troubling (and revealing) about this brig is that these are United States citizens. The Navy’s understanding … Continue reading

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The Brit Retreat Victory

The Independent (U.K.) has an analysis of the British withdrawal from southern Iraq. Ouch! Not for the faint of heart. It is scathing. Speaking of the British withdrawal how is it that Vice President Cheney can say that withdrawal for … Continue reading

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Against All Odds (Silliness Alert)

Buried in this fascinating article about a baby born at 21 weeks who will survive is perhaps the silliest statement that I have read this year (if not in my entire life). The article begins to fret about “efforts” to … Continue reading

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Pension gap divides public and private workers

This story from USA Today highlights a huge future problem. Public pensions have become more and more generous in the past decade while private pensions are going slowly away. Needless to say, politicians have little incentive to be good stewards … Continue reading

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Ford in a Hurt Locker

Ford Motor Company is in a serious hurt locker. It will be interesting to see how negotiations with the UAW unfold. Can they make sufficient cuts to stave off bankruptcy? My guess is that they will not be able to … Continue reading

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