Science as Dogma

Leave it to the New York Times to clearly demonstrate that “science” is not so concerned about finding “truth” as they are concerned about protecting the accepted “orthodoxy.” This article concerns a young earth creationist who is getting a Ph.D in paleontology. Some juicy excerpts.
If researchers like Dr. Baumgardner do their work “without any form of interjection of personal dogma,” Dr. Geissman said, “I would have to keep as objective a hat on as possible and say, ‘O.K., you earned what you earned.’Translation: As long as you adhere to the accepted view you will be fine, if you try to come up with something we don’t agree with, you will not be okay! Wow, now that is a beautiful example of “open-minded science.”

One candidate for a Ph.D. was writing his dissertation on the “pedagogical usefulness of teaching alternatives to the theory of evolution.” Gee, this sounds like a genuine approach to science, exposing students to other theories, doesn’t it? Not according to some “scientists” on the faculty. three faculty members had written the university administration, arguing that Mr. Leonard’s project violated the university’s research standards in that the students involved were being subjected to something harmful (the idea that there were scientific alternatives to the theory of evolution) without receiving any benefit. Translation: Exposing students to theories that don’t “bend the knee” to the accepted “dogma” is harmful! Now there are some open minds for you. I’m sure they will find the truth wherever the facts lead them! Ha, ha, ha.

One could not find a better example of Paul’s claim that it is not that men do not have the truth, but that “they suppress the truth in unrighteousness.”

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