Inside the Navy’s Secret Brig

This news report details the Navy’s creating a brig in Charleston, S.C. to house American citizens captured in the terror war. What is especially troubling (and revealing) about this brig is that these are United States citizens. The Navy’s understanding of their rights is described in the article: ‘In this separate facility, a brig official said detainees are accorded protections under the U.S. Constitution, “except where curtailed by higher guidance.”‘ Which, to my way of thinking is pretty much the Bush Adminstration’s approach to these matters. What is especially troubling about this is that this “flexible” approach to the Constitution when it suits the Administration will be taken up and abused by future Administrations. What is to prevent a future President from saying that Christians are a threat to the security of the country and can be held just like these U.S. citizens were held, without due process and due regard to their rights? Every citizen should be protesting this egregious violation of our rights.

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