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Advice for Women: Before They Marry a Guy

This comes from a blog called “Paleoevangelical.” It is pretty good (and funny) advice.

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Television Harmful for Children

Gee, now we find that television is harmful for children?!? I am shocked! Shocked!

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Housing Bust Watch

More bad news on the housing front. New construction starts are down – lowest since 1997; however, home builders’ confidence is up, though up from being very low. I especially like one analyst’s comment in the second article that, “This … Continue reading

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Housing Bust…Update

Another article about the massacre of so-called “subprime” lenders. These are lenders who make a living loaning money to people who really should not receive loans because of the financial risk involved. According to the article this is the 20th! … Continue reading

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Housing Bust (California) Update

The Chicago Tribune has a fascinating article documenting the housing bust that has started in the greater Los Angeles area. Fascinating because all the parts are documented – real estate agents pushing deals that they know are risky and bogus; … Continue reading

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Great (Hilarious) Advice on Terrorism

The Dept of Homeland Security has come up with a bunch of signs to help if one encounters a terrorist threat. This website helps interpret the signs. Ha, ha, ha, very funny!

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Science as Dogma

Leave it to the New York Times to clearly demonstrate that “science” is not so concerned about finding “truth” as they are concerned about protecting the accepted “orthodoxy.” This article concerns a young earth creationist who is getting a Ph.D … Continue reading

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