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Sharia in Germany?

A German judge (woman) has written an opinion allowing a Muslim husband to beat his wife (and prevent her from getting a divorce) because the Koran allows this and they are both Muslims!! Unbelievable. Why don’t the Germans just surrender … Continue reading

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Abusing Handicap Parking Passes!?!

I am shocked, shocked! at this development. There are apparently people abusing handicapped parking passes, and…if you can believe this…as the cost for parking rises, so do the number of handicapped parking passes (they don’t have to pay parking meters). … Continue reading

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Housing Bust Spreads (Big Surprise)

So today we read that loan difficulties are spreading beyond subprime loans to so-called “Alt-A” loans, which come somewhere between subprime and good. This comes as no surprise as we watch the housing bust unfold. The difficulties will eventually spread … Continue reading

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Housing Bust (Good Investigative Article)

This is an excellent investigative article from the Charlotte (North Carolina) Observer tracking just how bad some parts of the housing market have gotten and how they have gotten that way. As usual the federal government is clueless, but insuring … Continue reading

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Badger’s Old Division In The News

Here is an interesting piece in the New York Times on Badger’s old division and the difficulty that all Army units are having sustaining readiness in the current environment. Whatever else may happen in Iraq, the Army is being seriously … Continue reading

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Al Mohler Lights a Fire Storm

Al Mohler has a fascinating blog discussion on the possibility of finding a genetic link for being “gay.” It has unleashed a firestorm from both sides, religous conservatives and homosexuals.

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What Eric Does for a Living

Here is a pretty good article on what Eric is going to do for a living. Very interesting.

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