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More Unintended Consequences

Turkey is moving to possibly make incursions into Iraq to prevent Kurdish separatists from launching attacks in Turkey. The state of Turkish politics is such that they may HAVE to do this for domestic political reasons. At any rate it … Continue reading

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Blood of Iraqi Christian Martyrs

Front Page Magazine has an article on one of the most underreported aspects of the Iraqi debacle, the decimation of Iraqi Christians. It is one of the unintended consequences of the Iraq war. As the article points out, when the … Continue reading

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Big Brother Closer to Reality

An interesting story about tracking people through radio frequency identification (RFID) and wi-fi networks. How easily could this be abused to track all people all the time! Maybe technology is the beast of Revelation…

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Sin as a Psychological Problem

The BBC highlights this story of a sex-addict who was fired by IBM and is now suing them for 5 million. Rather than fire him, they should have recognized that he needed counseling and support. Hmm…isn’t this a job for … Continue reading

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Why Gonzales Needs to Go

Monica Goodling’s testimony before Congress is a pretty good example of why Attorney General Gonzales should be relieved. He discussed testimony with her after news of the investigation broke, while testifying that he did not discuss it with anyone. Not … Continue reading

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Kicking the Can Down the Road

This is an interesting analysis of what Bush will do if the surge doesn’t work, which it does not appear to be doing. I think the fundamental thinking on the part of the Bush administration at this point is, “how … Continue reading

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One Snapshot of the Debt Bubble

The NYT has a pretty good snapshot of the impact of the Debt Bubble on one family in Michigan. You can juggle things for awhile, but eventually this will catch up with you. Multiply it by several million times and … Continue reading

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The Firmament Showeth His Handiwork

Deep in the Arctic Sea researchers have found more than 700 new species in a place that was once thought too hostile to contain life. How great is our God!

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Empire or Republic

While I do not agree with this guy’s analysis of the problem, I think he lays out the facts quite well in regards to President Bush and our march toward authoritarianism. President Bush has laid the foundation for future presidents … Continue reading

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Tattoo Anyone?

Here is a good example of why, if you are going to get a tattoo, you should find a pretty good artist!

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