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Subprime Meltdown…Continued

More bad news for the housing market. This shouldn’t surprise anyone. The Wall Street banks were taking positions in housing and leveraging it with incredible amounts of debt, and we are beginning to see that their assessment of the risk … Continue reading

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Hedge Fund Collapse

Two hedge funds are on the virge of collapse at Bear Stearns. It would take too long to explain all the ins and outs of this problem, but here is what you need to know. The banking industry (and government) … Continue reading

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Slouching Towards War #3

We’ve got a war in Afghanistan, we’ve got a war in Iraq, and we are rapidly slouching towards a war with Iran. Debka files traces the build up of carrier battle groups in the Persian Gulf. You don’t bring this … Continue reading

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More Damning Abu Ghraib Evidence

I cannot say I am surprised at this new evidence. The investigating general (a man of honor and character) now gives evidence of how Secretary Rumsfeld obfuscated before Congress. This statement is particularly strong, “The whole idea that Rumsfeld projects—‘We’re … Continue reading

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John Piper on Ruth Graham

Unsurprisingly, John Piper gets just the right note on Ruth Graham (and his own mother).

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Why Isn’t the Bush Administration Talking About This?

China is providing arms to the Taliban in Afghanistan and to insurgents in Iraq. This should come as no big surprise, since the more the US can be tied down and embarrassed in Iraq, the better for China. What is … Continue reading

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Ruth Graham Graduates to Glory!

Ruth Graham, the wife of Billy, has been called home, or as Pastor Warren used to say, “graduated to glory.” She loved our Lord and served him faithfully and well! May her homecoming be joyful!!

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Why Giuliani Won’t Win if Nominated

It is wishful thinking to believe that Mr. Giuliani would win the general election if nominated by the Republicans. I myself certainly wouldn’t vote for him, and neither would a lot of other social conservatives. Doesn’t matter who the Republicans … Continue reading

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How We are Arming Hamas

Once again our foreign policy is a failure, to such an extent that we are actually arming Hamas! Now there is some good planning.

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I’m Not the Only One Who Can’t Understand the Quebecois

So, now I find out the reason I can never understand the Quebecois, they don’t speak French like the French! According to someone I talked to in Paris, the Quebecois speak French like Louis XIV!

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