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Why Prohibition Was Repealed

Now here is a fascinating little piece. My own experience in my history classes was exactly what the author describes. He makes a very convincing argument that it was a government in search of tax revenue that forced repeal of … Continue reading

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Iraqi Government in Crisis

More bad news from Iraq.

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Housing Implosion…Update

Fallout from the subprime debacle continues and spreads (despite all assurances that it was contained, surprise, surprise). I find this quote the most honest – This is not going to be a short affair,” said V. Anantha-Nageswaran, head of research … Continue reading

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Cat Comforts the Dying

This is a really weird story about a cat that somehow senses when nursing home residents are nearing death. When it crawls up next to them they generally will die within four hours. Interesting.

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Tony Snow on Faith and Cancer

This is a poignant piece that Tony Snow wrote for Christianity Today discussing his cancer and all to obvious mortality.

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Religion Reporting as a Test of Faith

This is a fascinating, and ultimately sad, article detailing how an L. A. Times reporter comes to faith, begins reporting on religion, and then loses his own faith. Two points to make about this story. 1. In a world with … Continue reading

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Ship of Fools

A biased, but revealing look at the type of conservative who thinks that Bush can do no wrong.

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Interesting Fall Coming (Iran War Update)

Here a Reagan Republican predicts the end of Constitutional Democracy. If things weren’t going so lousy in Iraq, and Bush hadn’t set all the pieces in place to do this (war with Iran), I would be saying “Conspiracy Theory.” Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Money Gun On Full Auto

Here is a really bright idea. Dump three quarters of a billion dollars into the tribal areas of Pakistan to “change hearts and minds” about the United States. Yeah, I’ll bet that will turn out great, it has worked before … Continue reading

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Housing Bust Update

According to this article 50 billion of subprime ARM’s will rest in October alone at much higher rates, putting another 600,000 home owners under stress of which half will probably lose their houses. The numbers are staggering, the result of … Continue reading

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