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Housing Bust Update…Miami

This is an interesting article. Apparently 23,000 condo units are for sale in Miami with a bunch more in the process of being built. The market should absorb all these units in the year 2050 or so. Some people made … Continue reading

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Money Gun On Full Auto

We read this morning that the money gun is on full auto in regards to the Iraq debacle, which I’ve argued will be the most long-lasting effect of the Iraq war (see The Decline and Fall of the Great Powers). … Continue reading

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Three Generations of Buffoonery in the Middle East

Jon Stewart on the Daily Show points out the…er…convoluted mess our Middle East policy has been.

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Bush and the Lessons of Vietnam

I can’t even believe I agree with a New York Times editorial. Now that is really scary. They comment on Bush’s “lessons learned” from Vietnam and sad to say, they are correct. Do I need to point out that Bush’s … Continue reading

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Housing Bust Update….Ninjas!

Well, well, well, leave it to the housing bust to produce a new brand of buyer, the so-called “Ninjas,” “No Income, No Job, No Assets,” would you give money to someone like this to buy a house? Plenty of morgage … Continue reading

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Fascinating Article on Mother Teresa

This is a fascinating article on Mother Teresa and her private struggle with faith. A very interesting read. I’m not sure what to make of it. Guess I’ll have to read the book.

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Coming Iran War…Update

More evidence that we are preparing to attack Iran.

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One Girl’s Fight With Cancer

This is a five-part (and counting) series on the struggle of one little girl and her family with cancer. She is in a medically-induced coma (as of today) and nearing death, although the family believes that God is going to … Continue reading

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Housing Bust…Update

Two articles track the housing bust, one from Florida and one from California, both are epicenters for the just getting started debacle.

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Iran, The Coming Attack…Update

More evidence that the Bush Administration is laying the groundwork for attacking Iran. They have designated the Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization. What is laughable is that the article says that the Administration made this move in response to … Continue reading

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