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John Piper on the Death of His Grandaughter

This is a sad, but hopeful eulogy that John Piper gave at the funeral of his granddaughter who was stillborn.

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Housing Bust…Update

The latest news on the just getting started housing bust created by Alan “How Could I Know This Would Happen” Greenspan.

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Iraq War as Financial Rat Hole

We hear this morning that President Bush has request 200 billion dollars toward the Iraq War for 2008 alone!! Wasn’t it Paul Wolfowitz who claimed that cost estimates for the entire war of 350 billion were “wildly overestimated.” Nice planning … Continue reading

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This Could Only Happen in Texas

Customers throw python at Taco Bell worker. Yeah…that’s Texas for you.

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Facebook Profile Saves a Life

Who knew that having a Facebook profile would probably save one lady from rabies. This world is a weird place.

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Floyd Landis Guilty

I am shocked, shocked! that Floyd Landis was found guilty of doping. His testosterone was 11x greater than normal and was exogenous (introduced outside of his own body substances). How can he be guilty with that paltry evidence?!?

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Housing Bust…Update

How is it that the housing bust in the US can affect the rest of the world? I’m glad you asked. The Daily Telegraph does an excellent job of explaining. They are having a run on a bank called Northern … Continue reading

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