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Scripture Proved Accurate Again…Shocks Archaeologists.

Nehemiah’s wall has apparently been found, which comes as a shock to many archaeologists and so-called biblical scholars.

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Housing Bust…Graph

Here is a good graphical illustration of why either housing prices are going to come down, or they will remain flat for the foreseeable future, or Bernanke and crowd will have to inflate the value of dollars like mad to … Continue reading

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The Hand of the Creator

An amazing theory on how birds can navigate over thousands of miles of both land and water. They might be able to “see” magnetic fields. As usual the heavens declare the glory of God…

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A Nation of Sheep

I couldn’t have put it better myself. This administration with the support of the wuss Democrats has seriously curtailed civil liberties and trampled on the freedom of speech, and if you don’t think that this law will be used against … Continue reading

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Big Brother On The Way

Here is a chilling event. Houston was secretly testing a flying drone, but was caught by the local television station. This is the future. Pretty soon drones will be flying over every major city in the United States with the … Continue reading

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Housing Bust…Update

How bad could the housing bust get? Pretty bad! Florida is ground zero. Here is one “doomsday” scenario, which to my way of thinking isn’t a matter of if, but when.

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Villages in Norway and the Credit Crunch

How can four townships in Norway be affected by the credit crunch? Good question, you can find the answer here. The story is filled with all the usual suspects, someone foisting an investment on them that the townships really didn’t … Continue reading

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