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Why I Don’t Do Family Photos

Hilariously funny collection of family photos from Olan Mills. The captions are what make them. I especially like the dude with the mullet! Who thought that was a good idea?

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Why Boys Should Be Allowed to Play with (Imaginary) Guns

The government (U.K.) has finally figured out what all the men have always understood. It’s a good thing to let boys play with imaginary guns. Wouldn’t it be funny to see the reaction if the U.S. government came out with … Continue reading

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Why Do They Hate Us?

Interesting perspective from a Pakistani who has been immersed in both Pakistani and American culture (as balanced a treatment as you will find). He is absolutely correct when he says that Americans are woefully ignorant of how American foreign policy … Continue reading

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15 Billion a Month!

One latest estimate for the (mis)adventures in Iran and Afghanistan. Talk about vaporizing money…

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Thomas Sowell Unleashed

Wow. A great column from the brilliant Thomas Sowell. Willing to call a spade a spade and get away with it. Here he analyzes the current crop of presidential candidates. He holds nothing back. John Edwards is the easiest to … Continue reading

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The Promise of (Ethical) Stem Cell Research

An amazing story about how fast research has come on making stem cells from human skin cells. Whether or not it is comparable to the Wright brothers first controlled flight remains to be seen, but sufficient progress has been made … Continue reading

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This Guy Will Never Forget Christmas Eve

Here is a place I hope never to spend Christmas Eve. One does wonder what the poor man was doing sticking his head down a septic tank on Christmas Eve anyway?!?

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Another Attempt at Land Reform (Which Will End In Disaster)

Apparently the Venezuelan government is allowing squatters to expropriate privately owned ranches and farms in Venezuela. This policy will be a disaster in the long term. Robert Mugabe tried this in Zimbabwe and it led to widespread food shortages and … Continue reading

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Worse Than 1929?!?

Here’s a nasty piece to ponder. Will it be worse than 1929? Search me, but it’s pretty bad already and going to get worse.

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From Whence Cometh the Laws of Science?

Certainly the New York Times has no clue. Nor do most scientists, the majority of whom appear not to care (I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s because they are afraid of the implications). What I find funny is the … Continue reading

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