Hillary Clinton on Herself (Gag Alert)

Hilary Clinton on Meet the Press talking about…herself, not talking about herself. Read David Brook’s comments and you’ll see what I mean. A couple of excerpts:

She broadcast her own humility: “You know, I’m very other-directed. I don’t like talking about myself.” She also described the central role she plays in the lives of all living creatures in the universe: “The Iraqi government, they watch us, they listen to us. I know very well that they follow everything that I say.”

As she told Tim Russert on Sunday: “You have a woman running to break the highest and hardest glass ceiling. I don’t think either of us wants to inject race or gender in this campaign. We’re running as individuals.”

Wow! This lady is trained in Newspeak (see 1984 by George Orwell). The delicious art of saying something and then implying just the opposite.

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