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Depressing Business News Roundup

Orders for durable goods decreased 5.3% last month, while the head of UBS – an idiotic Swiss bank that lost loads of money being greedy – says we’re in the worst banking crisis since 1929 (do tell!). Home prices continue … Continue reading

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You Won’t See This on the Evening News

A sad, tragic story. Girl gets pregnant with twins. Boyfriend reacts badly. Girl gets abortion..then depression. Then hangs herself.

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The (Idiotic) Case of the Typing Monkeys

Joe Carter points out the absurdity of the “enough monkeys could type out Shakespeare’s Sonnets” argument over at Evangelical Outpost (Feb 25th). Not that the actual data will convince those who are inclined to “suppress the truth in unrighteousness” as … Continue reading

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Something to keep you awake at night

The most painful animal bites!

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Forgive me for Asking…

The businesses that insure bonds of issuing agencies are imploding due to their own stupid decisions. Their implosion is already having a very wide effect on bonds and those who sell them. In order to borrow funds at low prices, … Continue reading

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We Must be in a Recession

Top economists see signs of a recession, says a headline in the Boston Globe. This is sure evidence that we are already in one.

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Latest Hysteria from the Press

Now it appears we have to worry about giant pythons invading the United States (what a joke!). Because of so-called global warming, the southern part of the US will soon become prime habitat for the giant snakes who can slither … Continue reading

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