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Think You Have it Bad?

You could be riding the subway in Japan…

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There Is More to This Story

One of the more bizarre stories to surface this year. There is definitely more here than the press has discovered. The man’s wife was in the house all this time? And didn’t know her daughter was being held captive and … Continue reading

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More Unintended Consequences of the Iraq War

The plight of women in Iraq…

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What Is Life Like for a Wife in Polygamy?

Fascinating video of one lady’s experience in polygamy.

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Ashcroft Confronted on Waterboarding

Too bad it takes a college student to point out the hypocrisy of using waterboarding when we sent at least one Japanese officer to prison for 15 years for virtually the same torture.

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Why Are Oil Prices So High?

Answer: speculation. This is a must read column.

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Monoline Insures in Trouble

This report in some ways is unbelievable. The so-called monoline insurers are in hock very deep because they insured exotic bonds created by the idiotic investment banks. There was a desperate effort last month to protect their AAA rating (long … Continue reading

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