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Monsieur, There Is Dope in Your Suitcase

Try explaining to customs officials in your next destination how there is pot in your suitcase without your knowledge. Probably won’t believe your story, even though it’s true.

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Too Smart to be Valedictorian?

Score the highest GPA in the history of your high school. Do it in three years. Awesome, congratulations you are the valedictorian…um, sorry, you are not the valedictorian…wait we will make you the “three year” valedictorian. Poor girl’s parents are … Continue reading

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Christians in Hollywood? Who knew?

Just joking of course. This is a list of the 12 most powerful Christians in Hollywood. Interesting.

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Denzel Washington – The Christian

I’ve always liked Denzel Washington, and now I like him a lot more. Here is a great interview with a guy who appears to be a faithful follower of Christ.

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Got to Love Randy Travis

A new one from Randy.

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One Child’s Experience (with a Feminist Mother)

This is a sad story but ultimately proves that whatever theories one comes up with that oppose God’s order for the family are ultimately futile. Rebecca Walker was the (much neglected) daughter of arch-typical feminist Alice Walker. Despite being indocrinated … Continue reading

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How to Ensure that College Costs Keep Rising

Naturally, instead of having the government back loans (which isn’t working) just have the government make student education loans. This will keep the money flowing to students which will keep the students coming to the universities, which will allow the … Continue reading

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Memorial Video of Maria Chapman (daughter of Steven Curtis Chapman)

You can watch it here. The words the Chapmans appended to this video say it all: “For those who never had the chance to meet this special little girl, we invite you to get a glimpse through this “goofy” blog … Continue reading

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Steven Curtis Chapman’s Daughter Accidentally Killed

A horribly sad story. Her brother accidentally hit her with an SUV in the driveway of their home. Pray for the Chapmans, for the boy most of all. This will be difficult to come to terms with.

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The Old-Fashioned Way to Get Votes

Apparently, Hillary Clinton has decided to get votes the old-fashioned way. Buy them!

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