Too Smart to be Valedictorian?

Score the highest GPA in the history of your high school. Do it in three years. Awesome, congratulations you are the valedictorian…um, sorry, you are not the valedictorian…wait we will make you the “three year” valedictorian. Poor girl’s parents are baffled:

I have not heard of any educational institution penalizing a student for excellence – for completing a demanding set of classes ‘too quickly,’ ” said her father, Deepak Datta.

Oh…and by the way, the one year full ride college scholarship for being valedictorian? Sorry. You don’t get it.

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2 Responses to Too Smart to be Valedictorian?

  1. Brandon says:

    Did you notice that she had a perfect ACT score too? What a joke!

  2. John Murphy says:

    I know…it is a total joke. Amazing how, ahem, zenophobic some people can be.

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