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This is html code for adding a popup to your blog when you reference a Scripture passage. I am trying it out. If I’ve done it right, you should be able to hover on the Scripture passage and the passage … Continue reading

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So Much For Winning the Alamo

More than a century after the Mexicans were defeated in Texas they are apparently coming to buy it back due to the real estate slump. Ironic.

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Spain Gives Rights to Apes

No, I am not making this up. The latest nitwittery in regards to “human rights.” Funny that they didn’t extend the same rights to the bulls that they are slaughtering for entertainment in bullfights. Isn’t that a little inconsistent?

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Hyperinflation coming?

This long article is a must read! The theme is that hyperinflation is coming to the U. S. I hope the guy is wrong (it will destroy those who are fiscally responsible by saving money), but he marshals pretty good … Continue reading

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United Laying off 1000 Pilots

More great news from my industry. I imagine Delta/Northwest whether they merge or not, will soon follow. What it means for me I couldn’t say except that another cut in pay is pretty much assured, if not from a salary … Continue reading

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On Dying

Our culture is pathetic when it comes to death. While not set in a Christian milieu this is a good article from the Telegraph (U.K.) that explores what it means to die well. We as followers of Christ ought to … Continue reading

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The Brain Works in Mysterious Ways…

Learn Magic Tricks at

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