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Slouching Towards Serfdom

Marketwatch has an article listing 11 reasons why America is the top socialist economy. Unfortunately, they are correct. We are marching down Hayek’s Road to Serfdom quite rapidly.

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Sunday Reading for the Pessimists (or Realists)

This is a pretty good summary of everything that is going haywire in the economy. I like to think it is a realistic view of things, but then no one ever accused me of being an optimist. I think the … Continue reading

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One Day in the Life of a Cat

An odd series of photos from some guy who strapped a camera to his cat.

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Life on the Edge of Death

Dan Cummings who is the senior pastor at 5 points Community Church in suburban Detroit has inoperable cancer. This post gives a pretty good flavor of what it is like living in the shadow of death. He calls his people … Continue reading

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The Children are in Control in California

Problem: You are 15 billion in the hole with your budget. Solution: Raise taxes and drive as many people as possible out of the state that you can. Yeah. That should work pretty well.

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Stephen Colbert vs. The Cookie Monster

This piece is hilarious, especially for those of us who grew up watching the Cookie Monster.

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Life and Thoughts of Junior Jamreonvit

Junior is now engaged to my niece Katie [trust me he is a lucky man!]. This is his (their) story of how they met and it is hilarious. I knew that I would like Junior when, the first time I … Continue reading

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