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Abortion is About God

Why I really, really appreciate John Piper, and why I can NEVER vote for Obama—or any politician that is for abortion.

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Why Do We Sleep?

Scientists are trying to figure it out, needless to say, they will probably come up with the wrong answer. John Piper has the correct answer. He says in one of his devotional books that sleeping is God’s way of demonstrating … Continue reading

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Dolphins Are Amazing Animals

A surfer, a great white shark, some dolphins, and a friend with extraordinary courage.

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Echolocation in Bats

I’ve been fascinated by bats and how they navigate ever since I read Richard Dawkins’ book (The Blind Watchmaker—I think it was that one), where he tries (and fails) to explain echolocation in terms of evolution (laughable if you ask … Continue reading

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A Gustav Story I’ve Never Heard

One of my fondest childhood memories is when Dad would tell us stories about Gustav, a hapless lad who couldn’t manage to keep himself out of trouble (now that I think about it, they must have been patterned after my … Continue reading

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The Fed and the (Pathetic) Investment Banks

An interesting article here. The reason the Fed is leaving the fund rate so low is that they are trying to help the investment banks who greedily chased high returns that turned out to be high risk (now there’s a … Continue reading

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Olympic Quotes

I think my favorite is: “The geezer bit me!” — James Degale, British middleweight boxing champion, complaining about final opponent, Cuban Emilio Correa.

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The Olympics and the Medal Count

I’ve always felt that it was only the press who cared about what the ultimate medal count was at the Olympics and who “won” the games. I think most of the general public could care less. If anyone (in America) … Continue reading

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Son of Hamas Leader Comes to Faith…In Christ!

Wow! A fascinating article. This guy is very courageous because his choice will obviously not sit well with his family. He literally is putting his life in jeopardy speaking out on this. From the article: Mr Yousef said that his … Continue reading

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The Coming Bailout of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae

Yep, it’s coming alright, just a matter of time (probably sooner rather than later). Hank Paulson, resident Treasury genius, thought that by implying the government would step in and save the two GSE’s he would never have to actually do … Continue reading

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