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Next Disaster: CDS (Credit Default Swaps)

What do we guess the next financial disaster will be coming soon to a hedge fund or bank near you? Probably Credit Default Swaps. Suffice to say that investment banks saw an opportunity, hedge funds jumped on board and everyone … Continue reading

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Umm…Why Do We Need a 700 Billion Bailout?

Let me get this straight, the Fed is handing out 630 billion dollars and for some reason we need ANOTHER 700 billion dollars handed out. Sounds to me like a Bush administration end run around Congress, but what do I … Continue reading

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Where Did That 700 Billion Number Come From?

Andrew Malcom at the L.A. Times explains: Here’s a quote from that Forbes story: “It’s not based on any particular data point,” a Treasury spokeswoman told Tuesday. “We just wanted to choose a really large number.” They made it … Continue reading

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What Caused the Economic Meltdown?

Wow! An excellent video. I’m reluctant to lay all of the blame at the feet of the Dems and Obama, but here is information you’ve never heard.

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High Definition New Testament

What is the “High Definition New Testament?” Glad you asked. It’s a way of marking the English text (ESV) to show where the authors of Scripture were emphasizing words or phrases, as well as points, counterpoints, bullet lists, and main … Continue reading

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Ron Paul Schools Bernanke!

Congressman Ron Paul explains how stupid it is to attempt to prop up prices from a historical perspective. Go Ron Paul! A very important video.

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Told Ya So!

There was a really pernicious argument going around at the height of the building bubble to the effect that the country was growing so fast we would need more and more housing. I thought it was an idiotic argument at … Continue reading

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Read Caroline Baum

This is one smart lady. If you read her consistently you’ll have pretty good insight into financial markets and economics. This article is a “what if” investigation into what could come of the planned government bailout. I think she is … Continue reading

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One Story: Two Headlines

Want to see how the main stream media can “shape” a story. Compare these two headlines reporting the same story. The gist of the study is that men who have traditional attitudes towards male/female roles make more money than men … Continue reading

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Obama on Infanticide

An article exploring Obama’s convoluted reasoning on (not) protecting aborted infants when they are born alive. Sad.

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