High Definition New Testament

What is the “High Definition New Testament?” Glad you asked. It’s a way of marking the English text (ESV) to show where the authors of Scripture were emphasizing words or phrases, as well as points, counterpoints, bullet lists, and main statements.

I bought both the English HDNT and the Greek versions. I’m enjoying both of them. They are quite valuable for quickly allowing one to see where and what the authors of Scriptures emphasized and how they ordered the text.

Here is a video of the Greek version. The English looks just the same, although some of the Greek emphases are not transferable to the English version.

Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament (LDGNT) from Logos Bible Software on Vimeo.

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2 Responses to High Definition New Testament

  1. amommystory says:

    what a good idea! i have always wondered if there are specific emphasis, lists, ect. that don’t fit into the column-style print most bibles have .

  2. khendricks says:

    Have you seen Steve Runge’s new discourse grammar book? He’s the guy behind the LDGNT. Now, his companion volume is on Pre-Pub. I thought you might be interested:Discourse Grammar of the Greek New Testament

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