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AIG Vaporizes More Money

Wow! Even I didn’t have an imagination for the amount of cash that AIG is vaporizing. It has gone back to the government for another 21 billion bringing it’s “loan” (which will never be repayed, I suspect) to a total … Continue reading

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Richard Dawkins Unhinged

The poor atheist is becoming increasingly unhinged. Now he claims that calling a child a “Christian child” is “as bad as many forms of physical abuse.” “It’s a form of child abuse, even worse than physical child abuse. I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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I Am Shocked, Shocked!

That 700 billion dollar bailout bill, that Congress passed in like, a week? Apparently, the administration is using it in ways that Congress never intended. Wow! I am so shocked at this. Who would have thought that an administration that … Continue reading

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Bible Proved Accurate (Yet Again)…Archaeologists Squirm

Interesting investigation into a copper smelting plant dating to King Solomon.  Naturally, the anti-biblical archaeologists are in a tizzy: Archaeologist Israel Finkelstein of Tel Aviv University in Israel, added: “Taking the biblical description of King Solomon literally means ignoring two centuries … Continue reading

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We Are Now Delta

For better or for worse, Northwest Airlines, the company I’ve worked for during the past 18 years is now history.  We are Delta Airlines.  Not sure if in the long run that is a good or a bad thing, but … Continue reading

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Opening Pandora’s Box

What happens when you start handing out money, willy-nilly, to anyone who you think needs it?  Everyone starts coming to you hat in hand, holding out their tin cup.  Today GM/Chrysler, tomorrow…who knows.  Thanks so much Hank and Ben.  Oh, … Continue reading

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The End of Prosperity

Arthur Laffer has an excellent commentary in the Wall Street Journal this morning explaining why, in 25 years, the current Congress will be remembered like we remember Herbert Hoover, in other words, not kindly. But the government isn’t finished. House … Continue reading

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