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Piper on the Prosperity Gospel

My son, Badger, turned me on to this clip of John Piper addressing the so-called “prosperity gospel.” In case you are wondering what the “prosperity gospel” sounds like, you can find it here.

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Ten Politically Incorrect Thoughts

Victor Hanson at his best. I especially like his comments about my native state, California. Of course I’m thinking that he hasn’t seen “3.10 to Yuma,” which negate his comments both about movies in general and westerns in particular.

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We Have No Clue (About What to Do)

While I generally think that William Kristol is a doofus (witness his support for the Iraq War), he weighs in this morning with some genuine simple wisdom. No one has a clue what to do about the financial crisis (hint: … Continue reading

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Bailout of the Day: Citigroup

The government is tossing fresh billions at (surprise, surprise) Citigroup this morning, which by the way follows $25 billion they already tossed at it. Funny how they do insist that the car companies show how they are going to “return … Continue reading

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Shin Kicking Championships?

Who knew there was a championship for this? If my brother, Dan, would have known about it, I’m sure he would have made it to the finals. He practiced enough on me.

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Hitler Blows his Real Estate Investment

My friend, Johnny, pointed out this video to me. Just demonstrates the creativity out there…and all the time some people have. Gut-wrenchingly funny.

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The Benefits of Maggots

Back to the future. Fascinating article about the benefits of maggot therapy on wounds that will not heal. From the article: “It’s strange, but some insurance companies will pay tens of thousands of dollars for an amputation, probably because it … Continue reading

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U of M Knocks off UCLA!

Who would have guessed? Here is an interesting look at Michigan’s basketball coach.

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University of Arizona: How to Lose a Basketball Game in Two Easy Steps

Jumpin jiminy. These guys make mistakes that Jr. Highers wouldn’t make. Including an intentional foul with one second left and the game tied!?! What were they thinking? Two stupid fouls at .25 seconds and 3.50 of the video.

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Financial Roundup (Attention: Not for the Faint of Heart

Let’s see what happy news we have today. This guy gives 30 reasons why we will be in Great Depression 2 by 2011 (Look at his picture. Why is he smiling?). Foreign autos are piling up at the dock in … Continue reading

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