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One Sentence

Stories told in one sentence. Be careful, it’s kind of addicting, especially when an ex-boyfriend’s BMW is going to get painted!

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Worst in NFL History!

The Lions did it! I said the whole season that if you’re going to be horrible, you may as well be historically horrible, rather than horrible in a mediocre way.

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The Heavens Declare the Glory of God

Truly unbelievable pictures from the Hubble telescope.

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Brilliant Video (For Every Woman Who Has A Man that is Computer Obsessed)

Whoa! Clever and hilarious (interactive) video:

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Greenland Storm Photos

Wow! Pretty spectacular, also notice the…um, fascinating terrain in which the Inuit live (and by that I mean, somewhat monotonous).

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A Story From Another Airline

Glad to hear that other airlines screw up too! Misery loves company. Fortunately, I haven’t heard anything nearly this bad from my airline.

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A Christmas Story – 1919

Fascinating story from the Wall Street Journal.

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Excellent Poet

I have to say, my son, Matt, writes some excellent poetry. I especially like this one.

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California Deeper Into the Hurt Locker

My prediction is that when all is said and done, the Governator will join up with the Democrats and pass a bevy of new taxes, fees, et al., to make up for the minor 42 billion dollar shortfall they are … Continue reading

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Oink, Oink, Goes Senator Reid

The pigs are running to the trough siphoning off funds from the 500—no, 700—no, 850—n0, 1 trillion dollar “stimulus package.” Harry Reid, Senate Majority leader, is going to get his share because he can. Naturally, Las Vegas is going to … Continue reading

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