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John Updike Passes Away

I think I’ve only read one book by John Updike, but this comment on his passing makes me want to read more. But, like an animal, he is always peering over his shoulder for the Predator he fears is pursuing … Continue reading

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Fired! By the Worst Team in Football (ROTFL Alert!)

What happens when the worst team in the history of pro football fires you? Naturally, you end up in the Super Bowl a few months later (perhaps this explains why the Lions are the worst team in the history of … Continue reading

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Caroline Baum: But The Emperor Has No Clothes

You’ve got to love Caroline Baum. Leave it to her to point out that the solution to an economy that is drunk on credit, is not to provide more credit. Fast forward one year, the crisis is still going strong, … Continue reading

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Libs Praise Obama’s "Balance" on Abortion

In many ways Jim Wallis is quite admirable. When it comes to abortion he seems to have been smoking something. Peter Wehner comments on how Mr. Wallis congratulates President Obama for delaying for one day, his announcement that funding for … Continue reading

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Killing Afghani Civilians

Do you think that if a foreign government were doing this in America, that we would support that foreign government?

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Pelosi: Birth Control Saves the Government Money

Glad to see that the lady in charge of the House of Representatives is a supporter of families…just small families apparently, large one’s are a strain on states’ budgets. What?!?

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Graham Staines and Sons 10th Anniversary

Graham Staines and his two sons were martyred ten years ago, tomorrow. Persecution of Christians in the Indian state of Orissa seems to have gotten worse since then. Pray for India. Pray for the persecuted church. His wife, commenting on … Continue reading

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