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Sign of the Times: Demise of Newspapers

It is unbelievable to see the demise of so many newspapers, brought about by rapidly changing technology coupled with the economic slowdown. A truly historic moment, and one with wide-ranging implications. News is increasingly concentrated in the visual media (where … Continue reading

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AIG Gains Deck Chair on Titanic!

Wow, I have to say I am so shocked, shocked! that the truth is coming out about AIG (hint: that $150 billion investment, most likely a total loss for taxpayers).  I really believed the Feds when they said it was … Continue reading

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Buy Your M-1 Garand Now

Because you won’t be able to buy it later.  I suspect that an “assault” weapons ban will pass Congress shortly.

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31 Billion?!?

Hard to say whether or not GM was piling losses into 2008 to make their situation look desperate so the government will hand them more money.  We can conclude however, that their financial situation is not too good.  31 billion … Continue reading

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California Gets a (Short) Respite

This article is a good summary of all that has gone wrong in my native state. It’s rapidly turning into a third world country with all the attendant crime, trash, lousy infrastructure and entrenched politicians. Some bullet points: ~Teacher pay … Continue reading

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Dick Morris on the President’s Speech

I like Dick Morris’s take the best. Obama likely won’t succeed. This speech will be viewed as his high-water mark – the time before we came to realize how flawed is his understanding of economics and how supreme is his … Continue reading

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AIG Vaporizes (Even More) Money

Reading between the lines this news report, I’m assuming that AIG has blown through $150 billion dollars and is out of airspeed, out of ideas. What to do? Head to the Fed for more cash.

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