Dick Morris on the President’s Speech

I like Dick Morris’s take the best.

Obama likely won’t succeed. This speech will be viewed as his high-water mark – the time before we came to realize how flawed is his understanding of economics and how supreme is his commitment to expanded spending. It will be seen as a sort of age of innocence before we realized what he had in mind.

But it sure was a great speech . . . while it lasted.

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2 Responses to Dick Morris on the President’s Speech

  1. Brandon says:

    Good summary. I saw this evening that he has over 600 billion alone for some medicare thing in his budget. Not too sure how he can “cut the deficit in half” if he spends like he is planning. Higher taxes here we come!

  2. Murf says:

    Yepper. This is why I am wondering why anyone takes political speeches seriously any more. They are a joke, and I’m talking from both Republicans and Democrats. Promise a bunch of junk and then turn around and do the opposite. So much for democracy.

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