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Merkel to Brown: No!

I love Angela Merkel! She at least has the guts to know idiocy when she sees it, and is unwilling to mortgage the future of Germany for the present. Too bad our politicians aren’t this way.

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Chinese Spy Network?

Let me see. Canada has discovered a vast spy network that has tentacles in 103 countries and it is controlled “mostly” by computers in China. Hmm, I wonder who would be behind that spy network…

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Must Read of the Month (and probably Year)

Take the time to read this article from the Atlantic Monthly. Very important! Here is the heading paragraph. The crash has laid bare many unpleasant truths about the United States. One of the most alarming, says a former chief economist … Continue reading

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Talk About Drowning Your Sorrows!?!

Leave it to Michigan to come up with a 4800 calorie hamburger with which to drown your recession sorrows. I’m not sure if the aim is to put you in an early grave or not, but if this doesn’t do … Continue reading

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Get an iPhone 3.0 beta license! Sweet!

Check out this link to find out how you can get an iPhone 3.0 beta! Sweet and easy!

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Gardasil and Paralysis

A must read article.  I wouldn’t let my daughter get this stupid vaccine if this were a possibility.  Naturally, the government and drug company say that the vaccine is totally safe.

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Latest Trillion Dollar Plan-of-the-Week

This would be hilarious if it weren’t sending us all down the road to serfdom.  The latest “bank bailout plan” is Monday’s “Trillion Dollar Plan of the Week to Save the Economy.”  No doubt sufficient bonuses are included so that … Continue reading

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Today’s bailout is of the auto parts industry. $5 billion. I’m wondering if that is for bonuses or what? They are “critical” to the auto industry, which is “critical” to the nation, or so the theory goes. I’m just wondering … Continue reading

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Torture and the Bush Administration

This short article makes it very clear that we were torturing prisoners. I call anyone who disagrees (including John Yoo, author of the infamous “Torture Memo”) to undergo what these guys did and say it is not torture. What we … Continue reading

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AIG: Thanks for the Bailout…Now for Our Bonuses

I have GOT to get a job in the financial industry. Where else can you be so incompetent that you threaten to bring the economy down, then get bailed out by the government, and then award yourselves millions of dollars … Continue reading

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