Against Global Warming

I’m fairly shocked that this editorial came from the San Francisco Examiner. Obviously, they are doing something more than smoking ganja weed, they are using their brains! Unlike the politicians and Al Gore, who will go down in history as a doofus.

Fred Singer, professor emeritus of environmental science at the University of Virginia, has argued that it is important to distinguish between actual scientific observations and computer models set up to produce desired outcomes. Singer is not alone: More than 700 scientists now question claims of man-made global warming, according to a report prepared for Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe, the ranking Republican on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.

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2 Responses to Against Global Warming

  1. Smurf says:

    Dude we watched An Inconvenient Truth the other day in my climatology class and my view has totally changed. I mean who would not believe every single thing that movie says? IT is so well done. Half is about how Bush and the rest of the world are all destroying the earth and the other half is about Gore’s son getting hit by a car, Gore losing the election in 2000, and Gore growing up. All of which have absolutely nothing to do with Global Warming, but the movie was not nearly long enough so obviously you put stuff in that will butter up the wathcer. GO GORE. GO GLOBAL WARMING. (Not counting this bloody freezing winter/spring)

  2. Murf says:

    LOL. Don’t drink Gore’s Kool-Aid!

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