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Pat is 60!

It’s my brother’s birthday today. He’s 60! He’s really old.

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Taliban Loses…for Now

Pakistan has almost beaten the Taliban in the Swat Valley. Now the question is, “can they keep them from returning?” My answer: No. The Taliban are committed and patient, the Pakistani government is corrupt and weak. As soon as the … Continue reading

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One Reason Not to Go to the Everglades

Pythons? In the Everglades? Big ones!

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Who Loses Most in the TARP Bailout? Taxpayers

Glad to see that the government feels fine turning a 1.2 trillion! bailout into a huge and growing loss for taxpayers while banks and private investors make boatloads of money. What cannot be disputed, however, is the financial bailout’s biggest … Continue reading

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Out of Airspeed, Out of Ideas

It seems to be that we are rapidly approaching the endgame in our handling of the financial crisis, the endgame being buying our own debt (which simply means printing the money we need). Ben Bernanke, erstwhile head of the Fed, … Continue reading

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Why is it Assumed that the Chrysler/Fiat Deal Will Succeed?

This is baffling to me, and I don’t know anything about the car industry. Take a weak car company in Europe and combine it with a really weak car company in the United States. What do you get? Success, according … Continue reading

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Venezuela Heading Down the Path of Zimbabwe

This is totally unsurprising because one can ignore the laws of economics all one wants to, but one cannot escape them. Apparently the Venezuelan central bank is turning to “alternative means” to finance its disaster of an economy. Meanwhile, rather … Continue reading

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Ron Paul: Current Conditions or Bad Dream

Bam! Ron Paul summarizes our mess quite well. Sad.

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Waterboarding a Conservative Radio Host

So a conservative radio host decides to get himself waterboarded to prove that it isn’t torture. What did he decide after lasting 7 seconds? It’s torture. “I wanted to prove it wasn’t torture,” Mancow said. “They cut off our heads, … Continue reading

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A Powerful and Haunting Testimony

This lady is dying of cancer, soon. She has courage. She loves Jesus.

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