Why is it Assumed that the Chrysler/Fiat Deal Will Succeed?

This is baffling to me, and I don’t know anything about the car industry. Take a weak car company in Europe and combine it with a really weak car company in the United States. What do you get? Success, according to the Obama Administration. I think not. Neither does the Telegraph, U.K. Neither does this guy from Slate magazine.

From the Telegraph:

“I think it’s madness,” says independent automotive analyst Rob Golding.

“Fiat is easily the weakest of all the major automotive companies. It does not even generate enough revenue to fund its own investment.”

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3 Responses to Why is it Assumed that the Chrysler/Fiat Deal Will Succeed?

  1. Brandon says:

    Obama is killing me. It will be a miracle if the US survives the his (and Bush’s) spending and debt increase. Validation of stupid decisions like Chrysler/Fiat aren’t offering much hope.

  2. Murf says:

    Yes, it will certainly be a miracle! Did you read that letter I forwarded to you? The Obama administration is doing JUST THE OPPPOSITE of what is needed to solve this thing.

  3. Brandon says:

    I haven’t read the entire thing yet (will this week). What I’ve read so far has been very good. Thanks for sending!

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