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The Consequences of Infidelity

Thinking through Governor Mark Sanford’s infidelity and the lessons that I can learn from it. Randy Acorn has a sobering list of 25 possible ramifications of infidelity. Pretty sobering, and a good list to review again and again.

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Cap and Trade (the Economy)

While the U. S. Congress is set to implode the economy by passing an idiotic cap and trade bill on carbon emissions in order to prevent global warming, the rest of the world is finally admitting that the issue is … Continue reading

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Inflation vs Deflation Argument

An excellent must read article making a good argument for deflation. I especially like this chart, notice the “massive green shoots.”

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Zombie Banks

Think that the worst is over and the “green shoots” are starting to appear everywhere? Think again.

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Where is the Governor?

This is one of the stranger stories of the month. The governor of South Carolina is missing. His staff says he is hiking the Appalachian trail. This news report says he boarded a plane in Atlanta for somewhere. His wife … Continue reading

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Global Warming, Climate Change and History

Too bad the nitwits who are expounding their bogus theory of global warming don’t know history. Look through this brilliant article tracing the debate through the years. Their claims are neither new, nor original, and just as faulty as the … Continue reading

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PC in Action in Toronto

Have a photo that isn’t diverse enough? What do you do? If you are Toronto, you photoshop in a black guy! “The policy doesn’t say PhotoShop, the policy says ‘show diversity’ and that’s of course what we try and do … Continue reading

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Unbelievable Surfing Move

Whoa! I can’t believe what this guy did on a surfboard. No way!

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Two different paths for NFL stars. Abuse some dogs and engage in dogfighting and you go to prison and lose your job and are universally condemned. Kill someone drunk driving and you get 30 days. What a screwed up society … Continue reading

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Nitwittery Run Rampant

A brilliant compilation of quotes that Austrian Filter put together demonstrating either how clueless Bernanke and Paulson were in the leadup to the financial meltdown, or that they were simply lying. A couple of favorites: October 15th, 2007 – Bernanke: … Continue reading

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