A330 Missing

This does not look good.  We know that there were thunderstorms in the area and that the plane went through heavy turbulence.  We also know that the aircraft automatically sent a message (most newer planes are capable of this) to Air France maintenance reporting an electrical malfunction.  Other than that the rest is speculation.  Did the aircraft lose all electrics?  Did it get hit by lightning?  Who knows?  The aircraft is heavily dependent on electricity and designed to fly without it only for very short amounts of time while one restores electrics.  My own conjecture is that whatever else happened a complete loss of electrics was not what brought the plane down because the aircraft has backup batteries that will allow it to fly up to 45 minutes minimally powered, so they would have at least been able to report the malfunction.  If it wasn’t that, then the only catastrophic failure that might preclude getting out a radio report would be loss of a major part of the airframe.  Maybe a combination of both?  A lot of questions here and few answers.

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