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Pierced By the Lord

Jeremiah 25.33 today. One of those verses we’d rather not have in the Bible. God’s judgment comes down on his own people. Those who are slaughtered by the Babylonian army “shall not be lamented, or gathered, or buried.” How foolish … Continue reading

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Be careful of Your Stubborn Heart

Reading in Judges 11.35 this morning where Jepthah says that he cannot take back his vow “For I have opened my mouth to the Lord and I cannot take back my vow.” According to Lev 5.4-6, he certainly could have … Continue reading

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The Crisis in Honduras

I do not pretend to fully understand the crisis in Honduras, one interesting perspective can be read here. I am concerned that the United States seems spring-loaded to the message “no overturning a democratically elected politician,” without much analysis of … Continue reading

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Why John Calvin is Such a Remarkably Contemporary Bible Commentator

I’m reading in his commentary on Jeremiah and came across this comment at Jeremiah 17.9,10, What is taught here depends on what is gone before; and therefore they ought to be read together. Many lay hold on these words and … Continue reading

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If You Can’t Be With the One You Love…

…on their birthday, then do the next best thing, send them a video of you in concert. Pretty romantic.

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(In)Sanity on Health Care

A long, funny, and frightening article on the health care non-debate. The writer is brilliant. Here he comments on whether claiming that socialized health care worked in Scandinavia is a good idea: Specifically, let’s also stop citing the Nordic countries … Continue reading

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Vice Presidential Nitwittery

According to VP Joe Biden what we need to do to keep from going bankrupt is to spend more money. “Now, people when I say that look at me and say, ‘What are you talking about, Joe? You’re telling me … Continue reading

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Funny Commercial

Whoever came up with this series of ads for Ally Bank was pretty clever. This is my favorite.

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Sometimes Naivete Can Be an Advantage

Especially if you’re a 3 year old on a plastic truck…floating down a river.

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Drunk Badger Stops Traffic

You’ve got to be careful of badgers! This one got drunk on fermented cherries.

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