Calvin’s Preaching Bible – The Greek and Hebrew Text

I was listening to someone speak on John Calvin as a preacher and he pointed out something fascinating. We have many of Calvin’s sermons because he had 4 students who would take notes at every one of his sermons (the speaker said that shorthand was invented in Geneva in the church where John Calvin preached). They would then compare notes and reconstruct each sermon.

What baffled historians for a long time was that they could not figure out what Bible Calvin read from as he preached (He preached in French). It wasn’t until this century (I believe) that they finally discovered that Calvin was translating on the fly from the Greek (if he was in the NT) or Hebrew (if he was in the OT) text! Apparently, all he took into the pulpit was the Greek Bible or the Hebrew Bible. He took no notes or manuscript. That, my friends, is the definition of a great brain.
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