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Fannie Mae Vaporizing (Our) Money

Check out this chart from Zero Hedge, the failure rate of Fannie Mae loans has, as they point out, gone parabolic. Yeah, that’s our (taxpayer) money being vaporized. Thanks a lot, Mr. Bernanke and you congressional weasels. Well to be … Continue reading

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9 Banks Failed on Friday

You would think that this would be getting headline news, and perhaps it eventually will, but 9 banks failed on Friday. 9! Sure glad all the green shoots are springing out.

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You’ve Been De-Friended!?!

Angst-filled article about being snubbed by non-friends. Strange world we live in. Seriously, if it bothers you that much, you have a problem.

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Cobra and C-130 Collide

Bummer! Off of San Clemente Island. I’m guessing they were both doing exercises in the warning area off of the coast. They should have both known they were in the area (perhaps they did), but obviously something went awry. Doesn’t … Continue reading

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A lot of my golf shots end up looking like this one (Vijay skips it across the water on the 16th at The Masters on purpose, it’s a big tradition on practice rounds), but they never end up with this … Continue reading

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Bad Day in Afghanistan

14 troops killed yesterday. One helicopter was shot down in a raid, and two more had a mid-air collision. Not a good day.

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The Magic of Musical Arrangement

Check out this song by Plumb:

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Extend and Pretend

What to do if you are the FED and you’re looking down the barrel of a Commercial Real Estate implosion? Get banks to extend the length of the loan so that you can pretend they’re really not in default. This … Continue reading

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No. It Wasn’t Me.

A Northwest A-320 flying between San Diego and Minneapolis overflew the destination by 150 miles. Huh? I’m not quite sure what to think about this. One can get distracted in the cockpit arguing about things, and it isn’t unusual to … Continue reading

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A DWI…in a La-Z-Boy?!?

There are some truly strange people out there.

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