The Fed’s Gift to Savers

The Fed’s gift to savers is unprintable, but the editor of Fortune magazine tones it down in the Washington Post. Good article.

Until rates go up, Wall Street will be chowing down on essentially free money, while fixed-income people living off their investments will have to eat into their capital, take more risk or reduce their standard of living. A nice reward from their government for a lifetime of saving. Thanks for nothing, guys.
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2 Responses to The Fed’s Gift to Savers

  1. juniorj says:

    This kind of stuff makes me feel like, Why be responsible? It seems like the irresponsible ones gets all the hand-outs from the Gov. Laker floor seats here I come!

  2. Murf says:

    LOL. Good point. Certainly from a logical standpoint, the more irresponsible one is, the better the government treats him. Crazy…not to mention unsustainable.

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