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The Economy is Recovering…Or Perhaps Not

If the economy is recovering so well, why does GMAC need another 3-4 billion dollars?

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Here is Some Good News

If you have Alzheimer’s disease you may not have to worry about cancer. If you have cancer you may not have to worry about Alzheimer’s. Wow, that really makes my day.

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Obama: The Time for Talk is Over

China and India: Sounds good. We’re out of here. The wheels come off of the Copenhagen talks.

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This Lady is Brilliant

“The tree is up and the house decorated, in reminder that Jesus has come, and we get to celebrate. HE is the very face of God for us to gaze at, and learn from. He is the Pursuing God of … Continue reading

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How Pro-Choice is America?

According to an admitted pro-choice advocate America is not very pro-choice and has never been so. A fascinating must read article in which a pro-choice advocate admits some truths that are understood, but never admitted, by most of the pro-choice … Continue reading

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Health and Wealth Gospel Going Strong

Too bad. A fascinating article in The Atlantic magazine asking the question, “Did Christianity Cause the Crash?” Must read. This kind of gospel doesn’t get very far, especially when the doctor tells you that you have untreatable cancer, or you … Continue reading

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Al Gore: Investigator

Al Gore has investigated the whole climate change scandal and declared it all a tempest in a teapot. Al: “Those letters are from 10 years ago.” Reality: Many are from two months ago. Glad to see he has investigated everything … Continue reading

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$246,000 per stimulus job

Speaking for myself, I would have just taken the cash over a stimulus job.

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Why You Should Be Drinking Coffee

To avoid prostate cancer. Some good news for addicted coffee drinkers such as myself.

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Global Warming Fraudsters

A good article at American Thinker pointing out the fraudulent nature of the global warming crowd. I’m sure glad that Gordon Brown, prime minister of England, isn’t confused by the facts. Those who question the climate change crowd are “flat-earthers” … Continue reading

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