And Finally…the Truth about Swine Flu

Well, it’s nice to see that the truth is finally coming out about the Swine flu. Sure it took a year or so and umpteen billions of dollars from governments to buy unnecessary flu shots, not to mention mass hysteria which made the superstitions of the Middle Ages look like child’s play.

*Swine flu is normal flu and doesn’t cause 1/10th the deaths of the seasonal flu that we deal with every year.
*Wolfgang Wodarg (Head of health at Council of Europe) called it “one of the greatest medicine scandals of the century.”
*A group of people at the World Health Organization is closely tied to the Pharmaceutical industry (according to Mr. Wodarg).
*His most worrisome point: But there is worse to come. The vaccine developed by Novartis was produced in a bioreactor from cancerous cells, a technique that had never been used until now.
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2 Responses to And Finally…the Truth about Swine Flu

  1. mgaessermd says:

    I'm not sure who you are or why you feel the urge to publically blog your thoughts, however your comments on the swine flu are wrong. The potency of the disease was well established from the beginning and the public WAS told. Go to the CDC or locla DOH website. I am a physician. And 2 year old daughter had it (verified by testing). Ahe had a 102 -103 F fever for two weeks. I have never seen a child so sick. So I suggest before you start ranting publically stupid and incorrect things, you should better check your facts first.

  2. Murf says:

    Thanks for the advice! Let me see, since I was quoting an article from a paper, what comments are wrong? The article in the paper is wrong? Is that what you are saying? I did not say that Swine Flu was not flu, nor did I say that people did not get sick from it. What I DID say is that the press went absolutely hysterical about it and overall it killed less people than regular flu does every year about which the media does not get hysterical. Why the difference?

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