Cracks in the Walls of Science

One of the things that the global warming scandal has done is produce cracks in the walls for all of science in regards to how much jealousy and backbiting science is affected with. It’s quite obvious that the leading global warming scientists were doing their best to keep opposing views from mainstream global warming journals. What I find interesting about this article is that this behavior apparently goes beyond just global warming science.

A couple of pertinent quotations:
Scientists sometimes like to portray what they do as divorced from the everyday jealousies, rivalries and tribalism of human relationships. What makes science special is that data and results that can be replicated are what matters and the scientific truth will out in the end.

This is what science would have you believe.

Cracks in the system have been obvious for years. Yesterday it emerged that 14 leading researchers in a different field – stem cell research – have written an open letter to journal editors to highlight their dissatisfaction with the process. They allege that a small scientific clique is using peer review to block papers from other researchers.

So this scandal goes beyond just global warming (non) science. This is what I find most fascinating. It appears that science is infected with the same maladies as the rest of mankind, jealousies, tribalism, power plays, etc.

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