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My Son Rocks at Poetry

I have very particular tastes when it comes to poetry, and most of modern poetry is worthless skata (IMHO). However, my son writes pretty good stuff.

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Healthcare, the Administration, and Economics

Several companies have to take multi-million dollar charges against earnings to account for provisions in the new health care bill. What is the Administration’s response: “You Republican CEO’s are trying to embarrass us.” No, Mr. Obama, that is called accounting … Continue reading

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Army Discovers New Disability: Sleep Apnea

Apparently the Army has discovered a new “disability” for generals: sleep apnea. You have sleep apnea and you are a general? 100 million dollar consulting contract for you, sir. Sleep apnea and you’re an enlisted soldier? Quit faking it and … Continue reading

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The Program that will Never End

Think the Fed is done buying treasuries (i.e. printing money)? Think again. I suspect the Fed will be printing money to buy treasuries to print more money to buy more treasuries for the forseeable future.

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New Government Program "Hidden" in Obamacare

Wow, I’m really shocked that the provision for “voluntary” long term care was not explained by Obama and his peeps before the vote on the bill (surely they wouldn’t hide something like that…would they?). At least I am reassured by … Continue reading

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Who Will Bailout Profligate Greece? (Hint: Check a mirror)

Now that the Europeans are smart enough not to bailout Greece, who do you think is going to do it? Did you look in the mirror? Yes, you, the U. S. taxpayer. Sure you’re already weighed down handing money to … Continue reading

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90 Seconds to Government Run Healthcare

This is brilliant!

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Paul Krugman: We Have China Over a Barrel

It never ceases to amaze me that some economists advocate actions that appear to be insanity in action. Paul Krugman says that we—biggest debtor nation in the world—have China—biggest creditor nation in the world—over a barrel and that we can … Continue reading

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100 Million ‘Missing’ Girls

Jeff Jacobey writes in the Boston Globe about the global war on women via selective birth, a tragedy brought about by the dark side of modern science. Ultrasound allows one to find out the babies gender before it is born, … Continue reading

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Obamacare: Got to Love Bureaucracy

An enterprising news columnist has a list of 159 programs/offices that the proposed Obamacare plan brings into being. No bureaucracy there!

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