Who Will Bailout Profligate Greece? (Hint: Check a mirror)

Now that the Europeans are smart enough not to bailout Greece, who do you think is going to do it? Did you look in the mirror? Yes, you, the U. S. taxpayer. Sure you’re already weighed down handing money to Goldman Sachs so they can buy even bigger homes in the Hamptons, but that is not enough. You are going (yes, that is exactly what I’m predicting) you are going to bail out Greece via the IMF. Here is exactly how it is going to happen. The Fed and Obama (not to mention President Bush) have never seen a bailout that they didn’t love, and I suspect Greece will be the same.

Sure it’s ironic that we are going to print money we don’t have (with some more tossed in from China, Russia, and the Arabs) to support Greece, but hey, it’s worked for us, why not help everyone?!?

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