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A Good Example of Why You Should Take Chicken Littles With a Grain of Salt

Nature itself seems to be cleaning up much (but not all) of the oil much more rapidly than imagined. I wonder who programmed it to act that way…

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The Iroquois Nation

I did not know that this was going on, but I admire the Iroquois for standing their ground. Sebastien Grammond, a University of Ottawa civil law professor who has studied aboriginal rights, said the Iroquois have asserted throughout history that … Continue reading

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Floyd Landis and the Ex-President of the UCI Square Off (via email)

An interesting, if not illuminating exchange between Floyd and Verbruggen.

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The Noose Tightens Around Lance Armstrong

If I were Lance, I would find a good…no a great lawyer.

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Government Stimulus in (non)Action

What happens when the government artificially stimulates demand in housing? It works…for awhile…then it doesn’t anymore.

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Need Acting Lessons: Watch Football

Football players are some of the greatest actors in history!

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U.S. Debt is a "Fiscal Cancer"

Gee, ya think?

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