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A Good Example of Why You Should Take Chicken Littles With a Grain of Salt

Nature itself seems to be cleaning up much (but not all) of the oil much more rapidly than imagined. I wonder who programmed it to act that way…

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The Iroquois Nation

I did not know that this was going on, but I admire the Iroquois for standing their ground. Sebastien Grammond, a University of Ottawa civil law professor who has studied aboriginal rights, said the Iroquois have asserted throughout history that … Continue reading

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Floyd Landis and the Ex-President of the UCI Square Off (via email)

An interesting, if not illuminating exchange between Floyd and Verbruggen.

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The Noose Tightens Around Lance Armstrong

If I were Lance, I would find a good…no a great lawyer.

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Government Stimulus in (non)Action

What happens when the government artificially stimulates demand in housing? It works…for awhile…then it doesn’t anymore.

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Need Acting Lessons: Watch Football

Football players are some of the greatest actors in history!

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U.S. Debt is a "Fiscal Cancer"

Gee, ya think?

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See No Scientific Fraud; Hear No Scientific Fraud

So; after exhaustive investigation all of the scientists involved in the Great Global Warming Fraud are exonerated. Hahahahahahahahahaha…… Mr. Jones emailed later that he had “deleted loads of emails” so that anyone who might bring a Freedom of Information Act … Continue reading

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