The Iroquois Nation

I did not know that this was going on, but I admire the Iroquois for standing their ground.

Sebastien Grammond, a University of Ottawa civil law professor who has studied aboriginal rights, said the Iroquois have asserted throughout history that they are “allies” rather than “subjects” of the British Crown.
True enough statement. They were allies of the British in the French and Indian Wars, of course the Brits (and Americans) promptly threw them under the bus when they were of no more use.
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One Response to The Iroquois Nation

  1. Anonymous says:

    And how is this different than selling $60 billion in military hardware to Saudi Arabia – at best an inactive enemy of Israel? Our war industry and the Pentagon will now push Israel to pony up and buy the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter – even though they didn't need it until we sold the Saudis F-15s, Blackhawks and Apaches. Seems America hasn't really changed much in how we treat our "allies".

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