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A photo I snapped last night of Cujo, our Blue and Gold Macaw, with Matt. Anyone who owns parrots will tell you that they act like two year olds—sometimes they love you, sometimes they nip you. Yep, Cujo is a … Continue reading

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Dear Rush Limbaugh:

We notice that you are now on your fourth marriage, the other three having failed for one reason or another. It seems safe to conclude that, whatever else one can say about you, your marriage vows are more like temporary … Continue reading

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Michelle Obama = Marie Antoinette?

Leave it to the Taiwanese to sum up Michelle Obama’s “vacation.” Knowledge of Chinese isn’t necessary, the animation speaks for itself.

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Why Am I Not Surprised

Negotiated infidelity? Nitwittery reigns as we slouch towards Gomorrah.

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Christopher Hitchens on Cancer

Christopher Hitchens (unsurprisingly) writes quite eloquently of discovering his cancer. There are a lot of people praying for Mr. Hitchens. I am one of them. I pray that his pride will get stripped away and he will see his need … Continue reading

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The Undivorced?

I don’t suppose this should surprise me, given the way our culture is skipping down the road to cultural ruin.

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