Why Am I Not Surprised

Negotiated infidelity? Nitwittery reigns as we slouch towards Gomorrah.

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4 Responses to Why Am I Not Surprised

  1. juniorj says:

    The wife wasn't surprised either. A sad day indeed.

  2. Murf says:

    No kidding. What a culture we live in.

  3. Anonymous says:

    "Author and former mistress Holly Hill thinks so." And why do we care or even view her opinions and book as a comment on our society? She sold 24,000 copies in Australia – that's a drop in the bucket. Again, the woman is lost so why would we expect her opinions to be anything other than those from a lost soul/heart/mind??Finding sadness and foolish advice and poor decisions in this world has always been easy. It's fallen. And it ain't home.

  4. Murf says:

    I generally agree with your comment, although I would say, be patient and in a few years, as we slouch towards Gomorrah, this view will become more and more mainstream and accepted.

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